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Trails, Maps, and Signs

How to get there

March 30th, 2009

Bewildering spring--

Poppies and day's eyes in the green email--

Rose over us; and we knew all that stream,Read more... springtime pleasuresCollapse )

February 16th, 2009

Racing in the Rain!

winter, mustard, landscape

December 31st, 2008

Random Highlights of 2008

winter, mustard, landscape
Things that surprised or amazed me during 2008!

Faith the Snow-dog!

High water in the Laguna
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December 21st, 2008

Short Days Blog

hummer, hummingbird, persimmon

Front driveway - BEFORE raking!

I can’t complain about this drizzly day: so many other places are getting hit with ice and snow! Here it’s soft and wet and gray and the juncos are hopping merrily about, finding good things to eat. All along the spots where I raked the driveway clear of oak leaves, there must be bits and pieces of food left behind.

I managed a short walk with Bart around noon, here in our own neighborhood. Last weekend I ventured out to Ragle Park and the two of us came home soaked! Just as I came to the furthest end of the paved pathways, the light drizzle turned into a hard rain, with big bouncy drops that were just barely warm enough to escape the designation as hail. I madly jogged up the hill back to my car: Bart seemed bewildered! The rain pelting us made the live oak leaves rattle – must have sounded awful to his doggie ears. 

Before the rain started...

Now I’ve finished my holiday batch of persimmon cookies. I put chocolate chips in, instead of raisins. The persimmon tree is still full of hard fruit. I had the two that went into the cookies indoors for five days – one of the persimmons was still not perfectly soft, but I made it work by pureeing it with the other one. I’ll have to pick some to take south on Tuesday – then my sister can distribute them for me or just cook them herself.

Travel plans! We’ll be in Cambria for 5 nights – hoping for enough of a break in the rain to explore places like Moonstone Beach and maybe even Montana de Oro. I haven’t seen any of these in far too long, and my kids don’t even remember visiting that area at all. Even if it rains, we’ll have plenty of board games and yummy treats to keep us occupied.

And the days will begin getting longer, I promise!

November 24th, 2008

Around the Bay

winter, mustard, landscape
Dropped in on a few feathered friends this weekend, courtesy of Pt. Reyes Field Seminars and a spiffy little boat named the Delphinus.

Not far from where we took off from the Berkeley Marina, our naturalist Pamela spotted a peregrine having breakfast on the derelict end of the old Berkeley ferry pier. In Pamela's opinion, breakfast was a bufflehead! Through our binoculars, we could actually see the feathers flying off the little duck. Several gulls stopped by to check out the proceedings, but none of them were brave enough to challenge the peregrine.

This thing that looks like a reddish Hershey kiss is actually the backside of Red Rock, which sits just south of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. The island is for sale - anybody interested?
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November 14th, 2008

November 14, 2008

Today most of the birds were singing-- except this large hawk, who felt no need! Her flight was song enough.

At Crane Creek Park

  A convenient perch on a laurel tree

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October 4th, 2008

What Not To Wear Blog

north coast, Crescent City, beach, CA

The way the clouds were strung across the sky that afternoon...

I couldn't resist going outside the park boundary to try to catch some of it! Even though I was dressed in a perfect example of what not to wear while walking your dog on private property: black pants and a white shirt. Sooo visible! But at least I had on a floppy demin long-sleeved shirt, thrown on like a jacket over the white T-shirt.

Whoever it was that wrote

the clouds, those elevated passengers—

must have been thinking about something like this!

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August 28th, 2008

August 21, 2008


A hot summer day, and I had some time to take Bart somewhere. Over in Petaluma, there’s an adobe house that General Vallejo used for his Petaluma ranch headquarters. Now it’s a state park.

Because it was hot, and also because there’s no water feature here, no lake, no river, no swimming hole, not a lot of people came out to tour the General’s place that afternoon. There were only four cars in the parking lot, one of them the ranger’s truck. I tried to get Bart to drink out of the water trough near the bathrooms. He wasn’t having it. Maybe he hadn’t walked far enough yet. But I felt bad because I didn’t bring him any water.



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August 9th, 2008

Midnight Prowl Blog

north coast, Crescent City, beach, CA

August 3, 2008

A Saint guards my mother's garden

For Friday night, our plan was to drive down after dinner and stay at my parents’ house near Santa Cruz. Just me and Dan, in the truck—Peter had to work Sat. and Sun. so he didn’t get to come on this little adventure.

The front garden, the following morning



August 1st, 2008

Lock the Gate Blog

north coast, Crescent City, beach, CA

August 1, 2008

View from Buckeye Point

I was a bit late to the party that day, a few weeks back—some of my husband’s relatives were visiting from out of state, and his sister who lives locally had arranged an afternoon barbeque at China Camp. Since I had to work that day (a 3-week summer program at our local university) I showed up too late to get a parking spots near the picnic area. Not a problem, though, since it was late enough on a Tuesday that there were plenty of pull-outs left, only a few hundred yards up the road. My husband had arrived shortly before me from his office, and had taken one of the parking spots.


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