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Trails, Maps, and Signs

How to get there

June 6th, 2010

The Art of Sun and Shadow

meadow, blue eyed grass, spring
Rain was forecast, for Friday night at least, so when I got almost an entire Saturday's worth of sunshine at Pt. Reyes, I went what might be considered just a little bit nuts! The absolute riches of an unexpected sunny day!

Later, several people at the Writer's Retreat mentioned how I was walking around, smiling, and SO HAPPY!!! Well, all it takes it getting out there, to see a view like this, of Drake's Bay, to put a big smile on my face for everyone to see!

With a day like this, everything just seems to SPARKLE! The thimbleberries were glowing...

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May 31st, 2010

On and Off the Trail

north coast, Crescent City, beach, CA
For Memorial Day, we decided to take Bart to the beach. But he really doesn't like water much. Instead of hanging out on the sand, we tried the Pinnacle Gulch/Short Tail Gulch route, down to the beaches just south of Doran Beach and Bodega Bay.

It was still pretty gray overhead when we got there. Not cold, though. In case anyone was tempted to swim, they put up some highly specific signs.

Those of you who know Bart, know that he is very safety-conscious and would never DREAM of going into the water along the Sonoma Coast!

The tide was medium-low, giving us a view of plenty of sea stars and anemones. Plus hundreds of mussels, crabs, limpets, all the usual lovely rock-dwellers. Bart tried a little slurp from a mini-tide pool, and then made the most disgusted-sounding SNORT! when he tasted the salt.Read more... after the BIG CRASH last week!Collapse )

April 10th, 2010

Not Cigarette Trees

farm, country road, Apple Trees
But certainly, the bluebirds were singing!

A pair of them were flittering about, and of course I was too slow to get a good picture!

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March 31st, 2010

Bloomin' Like Crazy

farm, country road, Apple Trees
Back from a quick trip to Pittsburgh to see the Art Major - while he was occupied I did some hiking about in the neighborhood...

Sycamore enjoying sun on Sat. afternoon

Daffodils amused me, since they're already finished in northern California

I don't know what these are called. Probably a "feral" species, since when I looked at Western PA wildflowers online, these were nowhere to be seen.

  Tenacious little things - popping up all around trees, through the lawn, everywhere!

A nice saucer magnolia outside "Maggie Mo"

The next morning was slightly overcast - I went looking for "Buggy" competitors early on, but only saw some of them being carried away. Back to Schenley, before Phipps opened up...

Buds all ready to go - a few more sunny days will do the trick! People in Pittsburgh are working on these trails - see their blog for details. A big Earth Day party and work day will kick off the improvements. (See http://pittsburghparks.wordpress.com/category/trail-and-signage-project/)

But by Monday, the weather was even worse (the Art Major waiting to cross the street near Morewood)

Luckily there's plenty to see indoors! I went to Phipps (Sun.) as soon as it opened. Tons of tulips and stuff, as you can imagine, for the Spring Flower Show.

Some little Frabel people In the jungle-y orchid garden.

This one is called Paintbrushes!

I also managed to spend some time at the Natural History museum. Some friendly dinos-
Stegosaurus, of cour-us!

Some facts about where the specimens originated.

Back home now - and the weather here is pretty much the same as it was in Mr. Roger's neighborhood! But the trees here aren't fooled: as far as they're concerned it's been spring here for weeks. I guess it just takes a few days up further north to appreciate how "balmy" our NorCal climate really is!

December 26th, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Moe the friendly llama, Moe, llama
And to all a good night!

It was a typical Christmas on our mini-ranch: 7 people, 3 dogs, the pony and of course our friend Moe the Llama!

I sent this photo out with our Christmas cards - Peter and me in Alaska, last summer. Kind of like Christmas in July, right next to Resurrection Glacier!

Now we're hoping for three days of good White Christmas fun in the snow country - then a Happy New Year! Best wishes to all...

September 12th, 2009

Rivers running north

winter, mustard, landscape
Our first look at Denali - from the south viewing area along the highway.

It's doing a bit of a volcano imitation, but those are just summer afternoon clouds!

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August 31st, 2009

Help from the USGS

Kenai Fjords National Park, Otter
Our second day in Anchorage - we decided to visit the USGS to get some really good maps. The office is adjacent to the University of Alaska. We were carless - waiting until the next day to pick up the rental car. So this excursion was on foot or by city bus.

University Lake trails seemed to be a local favorite for dog-walkers. The geologist we spoke to steered us this way after selling us some quite nice books about Alaska's geology.

On the other side of this lake was the Native Health Center, and then farther on was the Alaska Botanical Garden.

The path beckoned us into the shady forest!Read more... botanical wonders of the NorthCollapse )

August 24th, 2009

Stroll Around Lake Hood

Kenai Fjords National Park, Otter
Yes, now that it's almost September, I'm finally getting around to adding some more pictures from my Alaska trip!

For some reason, funny (incongruous) signs have amused me lately. Of course they're not about to take down the sign just because the lake doesn't happen to be frozen in July!

Plus on top of that, there were no waterfowl to feed - none along this part of the shore!
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June 16th, 2009

I Love Harmony!

north coast, Crescent City, beach, CA

In the Goddess Grove at the Harmony festival, Santa Rosa, CA

Earth-bound sculpture - about to fly??Read more...Yes, skaters can fly too!!! Getting HIGH with Pepper...Collapse )


April 16th, 2009

It was Easter Monday, still overcast, and somebody seemed to be looking for an elusive something-

headless pigeon...

out on the Seacliff pier...

Nothin' but a little bit of water, I guess!

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