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Trails, Maps, and Signs

Bloomin' Like Crazy

Bloomin' Like Crazy

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farm, country road, Apple Trees
Back from a quick trip to Pittsburgh to see the Art Major - while he was occupied I did some hiking about in the neighborhood...

Sycamore enjoying sun on Sat. afternoon

Daffodils amused me, since they're already finished in northern California

I don't know what these are called. Probably a "feral" species, since when I looked at Western PA wildflowers online, these were nowhere to be seen.

  Tenacious little things - popping up all around trees, through the lawn, everywhere!

A nice saucer magnolia outside "Maggie Mo"

The next morning was slightly overcast - I went looking for "Buggy" competitors early on, but only saw some of them being carried away. Back to Schenley, before Phipps opened up...

Buds all ready to go - a few more sunny days will do the trick! People in Pittsburgh are working on these trails - see their blog for details. A big Earth Day party and work day will kick off the improvements. (See http://pittsburghparks.wordpress.com/category/trail-and-signage-project/)

But by Monday, the weather was even worse (the Art Major waiting to cross the street near Morewood)

Luckily there's plenty to see indoors! I went to Phipps (Sun.) as soon as it opened. Tons of tulips and stuff, as you can imagine, for the Spring Flower Show.

Some little Frabel people In the jungle-y orchid garden.

This one is called Paintbrushes!

I also managed to spend some time at the Natural History museum. Some friendly dinos-
Stegosaurus, of cour-us!

Some facts about where the specimens originated.

Back home now - and the weather here is pretty much the same as it was in Mr. Roger's neighborhood! But the trees here aren't fooled: as far as they're concerned it's been spring here for weeks. I guess it just takes a few days up further north to appreciate how "balmy" our NorCal climate really is!

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